jul-claud.08. - Julio-Claudians main themes; -blood...

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Julio-Claudians main themes; ---blood relation succession as characteristic of the Empire ---occasional difficulties of there not being an obvious heir (e.g. Augustus had no son) ---potential for intrigue, poison, violence when more than one successor possible ---power of the Praetorian Guard, influence of palatial freedmen and advisors Tiberius 14-37 * Son of Augustus' wife Livia. * After death of grandsons, Augustus adopted Tiberius, prepared him as successor. * Tiberius forced to divorce and marry Julia, d. of Augustus. * Julia: personal scandal, exiled to a small island. * Tiberius required to adopt the son of his brother Drusus, who eventually dies under mysterious circumstances. * Mutual dislike/distrust between Tiberius and governing class; but competent government. Eventual disengagement of Tiberius. * power of Sejanus, Praetorian Prefect. Rival of Tiberius' son Drusus, who is murdered by Sejanus; truth eventually discovered and Sejanus executed. Gaius
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jul-claud.08. - Julio-Claudians main themes; -blood...

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