LITERATURE EMPIRE.08 - other enthnographical works covered...

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LITERATURE IN THE ROMAN EMPIRE poetry Martial (excerpts available on webpage, under <course materials>) composed over 1500 epigrams short, witty poems, often of trivial topics e.g. "You ask what I see in my farm near Nomentum, Linus? What I see in it, Linus, is: from there I can’t see you." Juvenal [R 14.4, 15.8] bitter satirical poetry featuring daily life of Rome exiled by Domitian "hard" satire compared to "soft" satire of Horace prose Pliny the Younger [in Reader next week] main work: collected letters most letters are literary: meant to be published notable: —to Tacitus, on death of uncle Pliny the Elder upon eruption of Vesuvius, 79 CE —to Trajan, when governor of eastern province, on policy towards Christians Tacitus [passages in Reader previously assigned, e.g. on Augustus] one of the great historians of antiquity Annals covered Tiberius to death of Nero; Histories covered death of Nero to death of Domitian powerful, abrupt, concise style; cynical, dark tone
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Unformatted text preview: other enthnographical works covered Britons, Germans: stereotypes, with noble savage presented as contrast to corrupt Romans----another notable historians: Suetonius : Lives of the Twelve Caesars , often focus on emperors' personal life; Plutarch (in Greek): biographies of notable Greeks and Romans; mooralizing Seneca the Younger stoic philosphy, expressed in 'letters' author of melodramatic tragedies advisor to Nero (ordered to commit suicide) Greek prose writers in the empire include: Marcus Aurelius , emperor/stoic philosophy [excerpt on web] Lucian humorous prose works, in Attic style (Second Sophistic) Strabo geography Ptolemy : astronomy and geography ; authoritative until Renaissance Galen : physician Plotinus (3rd c. CE): neo-Platonist; &quot;logical mysticism&quot; Also note the genre of &quot;Ancient Novel&quot; prose works, usually in Greek, featuring fictional tales of (mis)adventure and romance...
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LITERATURE EMPIRE.08 - other enthnographical works covered...

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