augustus..08 - Horace ---"poet laureate"---style:...

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AUGUSTUS 31 BCE : Antony defeated at Actium 20s BCE : ---Octavian "restores" Republic; named 'Augustus' (prefers title 'princeps') ---continues to hold consulship; addition of special provincial powers and eventually tribune powers 14CE: Augustus dies, stepson Tiberius comes to power reforms: ---senate - reduced to 600 ---army - reduced, professionalised, colonies for veterans ---police force for Rome ---provinces re-organized ---social reforms: religion, children, morality building program : --- propaganda: morals, tradition, empire, peace, prosperity ---new construction; use of marble, concrete ---in the forum, ara pacis 'Altar of Peace,' mausoleum of Augustus judgment : cf. Tacitus [13.6] and Suetonius [13.7]
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Augustan Literature ---general aspects: poets on the payroll, teleological, moralistic Livy ---historian, covering beginning of Rome to own lifetime ---style: entertaining, legendary heroes; moral point
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Unformatted text preview: Horace ---"poet laureate"---style: skillful with meter, word placement; precise---works: satire, odes, letters (e.g. Ars Poetica)--- odes: personal life, general moralistic philosophy ('seize the day'; 'golden mean'), occasionally politics Virgil style: subtle, complex; meter: hexameter---works: pastoral poetry (Eclogues) , didactic poetry , epic Aeneid ---Aeneid: canonical account of journey of Aeneas to Rome Homeric (Odyssey-like bks. 1-6, Iliad-like bks. 7-12) -teleological non-heroic Aeneas follows his fate for good of the state love-story of Dido, queen of Carthage Ovid---style: light, witty ---works include: love poetry, e.g. Art of Love epic Metamorphoses [R16.1] ca. 250 tales of transformation --- mythological history of world to Augustus; teleological---exiled by Augustus to Black Sea...
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augustus..08 - Horace ---"poet laureate"---style:...

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