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EMPIRE RELIGION.08 - miracle workers(Apollonius of Tyana...

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EMPIRE RELIGION continuing traditions ---Olympians, state religion ---Hellenistic, popular mystery cults (Isis, Ceres, etc.) ---philosophy, e.g. neo-platonist Plotinus ---syncretism; e.g. Mercury~Lug emperor worship (15.3.3) ---Hellenistic kings as example ---worship of deceased emperor, 'Rome'; problematic for Christians non Greco-Roman religion ---Persian Zoroaster (dualism); Mithras, bull-slayer, astral symbolism. popular with Roman army ---Judaism; diaspora after destruction of temple ---Christianity roots: Jewish, Hellenistic, ascetics, holy men,
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Unformatted text preview: miracle workers (Apollonius of Tyana 15.3.5) with Paul, spreads to non-Jewish populations periodic persecution (e.g. Nero, Pliny the Younger 15.5, cf. 17.5.3; Diocletian) compatible with Greco-Roman society on some levels (property, slaves, ethics) Constantine converts, stops persecution (but it will return) Theodosius declares official state religion becomes systematized with Roman state internal strife over dogma---Muslim; Arab territorial spread starting in 7th c....
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