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CLA SYLLIBUS - CLA 160H Introduction to Classical Studies...

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CLA 160 H: Introduction to Classical Studies Spring 2008 [class webpage at UofT Blackboard] SYLLABUS M W F 12:00-1:00 Northrop Frye 003 Jonathan Burgess Department of Classics, 125 Queen's Park Crescent (across from the ROM), rm. 123b [email protected]; Office Hours: MF 10-11:30 REQUIRED READING : Available for purchase at the U of T Bookstore on St. George; Nagle, The Ancient World . A Social and Cultural History, 6th ed. Nagle and Burstein, The Ancient World. Readings in Social and Cultural History , 2nd ed. —there will be further required reading and viewing at the class webpage, as directed EVALUATION : Your grades will necessarily reflect your attendance, since class lectures organize, coordinate, explain, and add to the variety of information in the assigned readings. quiz : 5% Objective, short-answer questions. 1/2 hour in class. term test : 30% Mix of short objective questions, one brief essay. in-class essay : 25% based on independent work in the Readings textbook. See hand-out.
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