Etruscans and early Rome.08

Etruscans and early Rome.08 - •"Brutus"(Stupid...

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ITALY : —Adriatic Sea; Ionian Sea; Tyrrhenian Sea —Apennine mountain range; Alps in north —Po valley; Etruria; Latium; Campania; Apulia; Samnium FOREIGN PLAYERS: —Carthaginians —Greeks: Sicily, south Italy [Magna Graecia]; 8th c. on —Celts: north of Alps; Po valley 4th c. —Etruscans: *not I-E; origins disputed *alphabet Greek; language not fully deciphered *dominant in northwest Italy, 650-450 *influenced by Greeks; aristocratic; monarchy *initially dominated Rome; influenced later Roman civilization, e.g. temple, augury EARLY ROME: THE LEGEND legend of Aeneas as founder of Roman people (with Lavinia, son Ascanius) legend of Romulus and Remus, with Romulus as founder of Rome legend of six kings, last few Etruscan "Tarquin the Proud", last and worst
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Unformatted text preview: • "Brutus" (Stupid) leads revolt to kick out Tarquin the Proud • other legends of next centuries feature patriots who sacrifice for the state EARLY ROME: THE REALITY • by 8th c.: some hills near Tiber settled • 8th-6th c: growing village; trade with Greeks, Etruscan infl. • 6th c.: forum, temple to Jupiter and Juno constructed; final kings apparently from Etruria (Tarquins may be semi-historical) • ca. 500: monarchy ends as consequence of conflict between Rome and an Etruscan city; Republic established [res publica], dominated by aristocratic Senate canonical accounts of early Rome established by 3rd. c. BCE; Livy (Kings, etc.; 10.1-3) and Virgil (Aeneas story) become most famous examples of these legends...
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Etruscans and early Rome.08 - •"Brutus"(Stupid...

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