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HELLENISTIC PHILOSOPHY, SCIENCE Aristotle philosopher, author, 4th c. —student of Plato; founder of Lyceum —realist: observation and category —Poetics : mimesis, plot, katharsis —tutor of Alexander the Great Cynicism [kuon, dog]; Diogenes, 4th c. * rejection of material possessions, society Stoicism Zeno, 4th, 3rd c. [stoa, porch] * accepts divine order of universe * duty within society * popular with Romans, Christians Epicureanism Epicurus, 4th, 3rd * gods, but remote * practice of pleasure, or freedom from pain Religion: deification of kings; cults: Serapis, Isis
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Unformatted text preview: • syncretism • astrology Science * Euclid, 4th, 3rd; *geometry; handbook standard until 19th c. *Archimedes, 3rd military engineer calculated the value of π "eureka!" body displaces its volume in water 9.3.1 Tacitus, Roman Historian, on the origin of Sarapis 9.3.2 inscription, Isis self-description 9.3.3 inscription, Sarapis worship in Delos 9.3.4 Old Testament apocrypha: 2nd c. Jewish resistance to Hellenization in Jerusalem [cf. diaspora Hellenic-Judaic conflation of ideas, e.g. neo-Platonist Philo of Alexanria]...
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hell.phil.science - • syncretism • astrology Science...

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