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Caesar and Civil War.08 - heir Further Civil War —43...

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CAESAR AND CIVIL WAR Caesar: —59: consul —50’s: multi-year command in Gaul —50: issue of end of command; Senate turns to Pompey; Caesar declared enemy of the state —49: Caesar crosses Rubicon; —48: Pompey defeated at Pharsalus —46: after further warfare, Caesar returns to Rome; clemency, reforms (Senate, calendar, etc.) —44: Caesar assassinated; conspiracy led by "republicans" Brutus and Cassius Caesar's great-nephew Octavius, 18, is announced as Caesar's
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Unformatted text preview: heir Further Civil War: —43: after period of rivalry, Antony and Octavian form alliance (“2 nd Triumvirate”, with Lepidus); proscriptions —42:Cassius and Brutus defeated at Philippi —further rivalry between Antony in East, Octavian in West —31: Antony and Cleopatra defeated at Actium note: Octavius becomes Octavian when named heir of Caesar; later as first emperor he takes on the honorific name "Augustus" ["hallowed one"]...
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