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Portia Mellott January 30, 2008 Leahy Teachers are not the only ones who are responsible for the schools. The school system is filled with politicians, superintendents, volunteers, and all the in-betweens. All of these jobs create pressure on the school; consequently, the students then become influenced by society and its problems. Teachers have to deal with these problems, and this has thus brought all teachers into another troublesome conflict. The teachers who decide to cope with students about the aforesaid pressure by society usually have less racism and less violence. They accomplish these goals because of the high number of volunteers at the particular school. The particular school also had a generous budget to use for reconstruction. For example, an upper to middle class public school with less than a thousand students would be less violent than an intercity
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Unformatted text preview: public school because of lack of caring parents and volunteers. Thus, volunteers hold a substantial position on the outcomes of schools. In my classroom I would try to solve this occurring problem by including parents by speaking to them about daily achievements or disappointments of their child. I would also encourage parents to partake in volunteer services. These conclude but are not limited to: selling athletic tickets, fundraising, running a concession stand, and joining school trips. If the children’s parents begin to volunteer, a school would become a lot safer and a better school overall. The amount of time volunteers spend help the school communities twice as much. Volunteers are a peg in this worldwide game of education versus society, but if that peg is moved away, all schools would be devastated and unable to continue....
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