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Environmental Biology Notes

Environmental Biology Notes - Environmental Biology Notes...

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Environmental Biology Notes Mr. Spence What is science? Objective- not biased Logical- follow not jump Systematic Accumulation of knowledge Pseudoscience- control media, not free thinkers Selective use of data- worse thing-finding a quote which is used out of context Attacks on inference and deduction- logical- why doesn’t it add up? Anecdotal evidence is used: not enough proof Mainstream science represents a conspiracy No one has attempted to disprove ECOLOGY IS NOT ENVIRONMENTALISM Ecology is more factual, with scientists, etc. Environmentalism is more emotional, is a concern to take big action- “green peace” Questions science tries to answer- understand concepts! Science is not for politics Science assumptions Events in the natural world follow patterns that can be understood by people through careful observation. Rules of the natural world are universal Induction- generalizations can be made from specific observations Generalizations can be subjected to tests that can potentially disprove them There is never absolute proof in science. Scientific Method Observation Hypothesis formulation Must be falsifiable Testing hypothesis Drawing conclusions Hypothesis Explanation for an observation that accounts for all available data Must be testable Leads directly to a prediction Can be disproven (never proven!) Test the hypothesis Design an experiment
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Collect data Analyze data Theory Highest level of scientific understanding Based on numerous hypothesis dealing with same subject matter Natural Selection Darwin based natural selection on: Overproduction of offspring Struggle for Resources and thus survival Inheritance and accumulation of favorable variations Differential survival and reproduction Fecundity (eggs) vs. Iithess (survival) Climate and Biomes Chapters 4 and 11 Weather Short-term variability in temperature, precipitation, etc. Affected by: Jet stream, sea temperature, pressure systems, solar activity
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Environmental Biology Notes - Environmental Biology Notes...

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