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CPT 230 Fall 2007 Quiz #3 Name:__________________________________ Write the best answer on the line next to the question. _C_ 1) What EIA category of cable is required for 100Mbps transmission? A) Cat 3 or better B) Cat 4 or better C) Cat 5 or better D) Cat 6 _A_ 2) Which type of fiber optic cable is so small that it only allows a single wavelength to travel through the fiber? A) Single Mode B) Single Wave C) Multi-Mode D) Multi-Mode Graded Indexed _C_3) Looking at the description of a fiber optic cable, 62.5/125, the 125 refers to: A) The Wavelength use, in nm B) Size of the core fiber C) Cladding Thickness _A_ 4) DCE is an RS-232 term used to describe equipment such as modems.
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Unformatted text preview: A) True B) False _B_ 5) What device buffers incoming data from a serial port and assembles it into bytes? A) CART B) UART C) A/D Converter D) none of the above _A_ 6) One of V.34’s advancements is the use of multiple baud rates for some of the data rates. A) True B) False _B_ 7) The error due to quantization noise occurs during the Digital -> Analog conversion. A) True B) False _C_8) The maximum download speed for a V.90 modem is: A) 28.8K B) 33.6K C) 53K D) 56K _D_ 9) Which MNP protocol is a data compression algorithm? A) 2 B) 3 C) 4 D) 5 _C_ 10) DSL is practical implementation of what sort of Multiplexing? A) TDM B) STDM C) FDM D) ADM A) TDM B) STDM C) FDM D) ADM...
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