Quiz1Key - CPT230 Fall 2007 Quiz #1 8/29/2007...

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Unformatted text preview: CPT230 Fall 2007 Quiz #1 8/29/2007 Name:_________________________ Mark the best answer in the space to the left of the question's number. _D__ 1) A tariff is: A) A formal process of a series of proposals B) A definition of what is provided by a service C) A definition of what a carrier can charge for a service D) All of the above _B__ 2) An Area code can cross state lines. A) True B) False *I didn't grade #2, due to me mis-speaking during lecture. The correct answer is B. _A__ 3) A long distance carriers switching equipment in a local provider's switching center is known as a: A) POP B) CO C) IXC D) LEC _D__4) The break-up of AT&T was initiated by legal action from: A) Neil Peart B) Bill Gates C) Harold Green D) Bill McGowan _C__ 5) Post 1996, who is in charge of Telecomm regulation in the United States? A) Harold Green B) Bill McGowan C) FCC D) ANSI _B__ 6) Term used to describe an independent company which provided local phone service, postAT&T breakup. (Most of these were part of AT&T before the breakup. A) IXC B) RBOC C) POP D) CO _C__ 7) What portion of the telecomm market was deregulated in 1992, opening up competition? (This corresponded with the dawn of the Internet boom in the 90s.) A) Local Loop service B) Cellular C) Leased Lines D) Long Distance _C__ 8) When a standard is backed by a governmental organization, what sort of standard is it? A) DeFacto B) AdHoc C) Official D) EIA _B__ 9) Strictly speaking, EBCDIC is a 7 bit code. A) True B) False _B__ 10) Using the ASCII chart, what character is represented by 1100100? A) c B) d C) DC3 D) ] ...
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Quiz1Key - CPT230 Fall 2007 Quiz #1 8/29/2007...

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