Assignment 6 - Use Case Narrative - KEY

Assignment 6 - Use Case Narrative - KEY - CIT 280...

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CIT 280 Assignment 6 – Use Case Narrative KEY Working individually, document the use case narrative based on the scenario listed below. Use the template shown in lecture. Use Case – Check out Library Asset When a patron requests the checkout of a library asset or more, they are asked by the librarian to provide account identification (membership card). If they cannot provide their membership card or some other approved identification, the transaction is terminated and the patron is notified. The librarian logs on the system and selects the option for a patron to checkout an asset. The system prompts for account identification and the librarian enters the patron’s membership number or other identifying information such as last name and first name. The system verifies the account exist (if not the user is prompted to enter a valid account number or other identification) making sure it is active, there are no outstanding fines, and their borrowing limit has not been already met (already have the maximum number of assets out on loan). If the patron could not provide their account card but provided some other form of identification, the system sets the patron’s borrowing limit to three assets instead of six. If the patron’s account is found not to be active, or they have outstanding fines, or they already the maximum numbers of assets borrowed, the system communicates this status to the user and the patron is notified of the situation and the transaction is terminated. If the account is found to be valid, the system prompts for the identification number of the first asset to be checked out. The librarian provides identification of the asset. The system verifies the asset exists (if not the
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Assignment 6 - Use Case Narrative - KEY - CIT 280...

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