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Temple Tucker 1-28-08 “Awakenings” “All are free or none are,” reads one picket sign in “Awakenings,” an episode of the PBS documentary, Eyes on the Prize . This award winning show shines light on the struggles that African Americans face in their attempts to acquire what is rightfully theirs, and all human beings, civil rights and equality. What I find particularly moving and important about this series is the amount of footage they have from this time period. It is one thing to imagine “Colored Only” restaurants, entrances, and water fountains or to see recreations of these in Hollywood films but it is quite another to see actual footage of these places. Authentic footage is visceral and the closest that we can come to experiencing the blanketed and accepted racism that occurred during the 1950s. Of course racism still occurs. We see examples of it everyday, every time we turn on the news. How often are the words, “suspect is a black male,” spoken in national and especially local news? This happens much more frequently than the actual amount of crimes committed by African Americans. It is part of the culture of fear that is cultivated in America to ensure that, in part, we will spend money on items which will provide a false sense of security for a false sense of fear. You should always set your alarms and lock your car doors when driving at night, especially in the “bad part of town,” because you never know when the boogey
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doc Awakenings - Temple Tucker 1-28-08 "Awakenings" "All...

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