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Temple Tucker 2-4-08 “Fighting Back” “Fighting Back” People are afraid of change. The results of this statement are evident in Little Rock, Arkansas. Desegregation of schools was slow because the courts argued that since their schools had always been segregated, it might be disastrous to suddenly change things. However, the plan that the school board came up with caused more damage and trouble, I think, than sudden integration would have. First of all, the schools should have set the example. By welcoming integration with open arms (or at least open minds), white students and their families would hopefully follow in those footsteps. At least, these white families might have realized that there wasn't anything they could do to stop integration so they would just have to learn to accept them. Instead, the school board did what it could to avoid desegregation. They had the same mindset as the majority of white people in Little Rock and thus, the school board allowed and made acceptable the rioting and hatred that would occur. I think the school board's second mistake was integrating as little as possible. By only letting nine black students attend school, integration didn't stand a chance.
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Fighting Back doc - Temple Tucker 2-4-08 "Fighting...

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