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Midterm Study Notes

Midterm Study Notes - HISTORY 2773 MID-TERM SECTION A The...

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HISTORY 2773 MID-TERM SECTION A: The origins of North Americans o A few different theories Asiatic hunters (Clovis People) crossed Beringian land bridge from Siberia to Alaska, and then migrated slowly south through to South America Ocean Crossings Theories: Solutreans crossed North Atlantic ice floes from France, and Australasia and South Asia Methodological problems for pre-contact eras o History was word of mouth, passed down through generations o Hard to tell what’s myth and what’s fact o The time and place rule, the subjectivity rule, everything was written down by Europeans after, creating bias and what not o Which culture was the traditional one? So many different people’s make it impossible to tell. o Date is unknown. Pre-contact Native societies o Semi-Nomadic Hunter/Gatherers living in woodland forest areas of Atlantic Gulf and Canadian Shield, eg Mi’kmaq, Beothuk, Montagnais, Ojibwas o Sedentary Farmers living in southern Ontario, eg Huron of Georgian Bay, Iroquois Five Nations o Sedentary trading and fishing peoples of the Pacific West, eg Haida, Tsimshian, Kwakwaka’wakwa (Kwakiutl) o Nomadic Buffalo hunters of the Great Plains, eg Cree, Blackfoot, Assiniboine and Beaver o Nomadic hunters of the High Arctic dependent on caribou, seal and whale, eg Innu (movie: Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner) o Women in Pre-Contact Society Gendered, but egalitarian Division of labour and power was complementary, interdependent o Family and kin Northeastern tribes heritage through the women, residence with the wife’s kin group Monogamous, divorce allowed, small families o Religion
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