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Assignment One – Primary Source Exercise Response to the “Treaty of 1725” The Treaty of 1725 was a _______ for a peaceful coexistence between the Natives living in eastern North America, and the British. Although the British were looking to end hostilities with the Natives, they were not looking for much more then that. The treaty appears as more of a submission of the Natives to the British Crown, then it is a co-existing relationship between the two. The British are not willing to sacrifice much to reach a peace, and it is apparent in this treaty. A lot is asked of the Tribe in this treaty. The Natives are also to promise to not harass and attack and of the English living in settlements which are already around, or ones that are to be lawfully made in the future, and this point appears a few times in this article. The point is then made in the article that the Natives are to acknowledge the Crown’s jurisdiction and dominion over Nova Scotia, and to submit to it. An interesting
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