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Raw Data Evaluating The UCen’s accessibility to People with Disabilities A.Bookstore B. Front of UCen C. Hub D. Men’s Restroom E.Back of UCen 1. Elevator Access Yes No Yes N/A Yes 2. Ramp Access No N/A Yes N/A Yes 3. Stairs Yes No Yes No Yes 4. Braille No No No Yes No 5.Wheelchair Operable Doors Yes Yes No No No 6.Convenient Yes and No Yes Yes Yes and No Yes and No 7. Self- Autonomic No Yes Yes Yes and No Yes Interpreting Results: Out of 35 responses, 20 were yes and 16 were no. This indicates that based on my seven criteria, the five evaluated parts of the UCen are more accessible than they aren’t. However, the UCen is far from perfect, and when comparing this data to the social, political and economic aspects of disability, it is found that the UCen may actually be hindering people with disabilities from using the building. On a social level, the UCen allows people with disabilities to use the building equally to those without disabilities. There is the fact that it is impossible to purchase books without
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