Cold Evil

Cold Evil - eyes…”(51 1b ACTING UPON IMPULSE RESULTS IN...

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FACT: Cold Evil: “The connection of the giant with emotion and affect is practicably visible in the fact that whenever one gets emotional, one begins to exaggerate: we make, as we say, elephants out of lice. A little remark by one person, or any detail, becomes an enormous tragedy as soon as we are overwhelmed by our emotion”(246). INFERENCE: A person who becomes overwhelmingly emotional and begins to exaggerate may allow instinctive impulses, instead of cool thinking, to control his or her thinking and actions. DEDUCTION: One who allows emotions to control his or her thinking and actions would not act in the best interest of his or herself. This yields violence and confusion. APPLICATION: INFERENCE. Quotes from Grendel when he is overwhelmed by emotion and bad decisions, violence and confusion result. 1a. OVEREMOTION “I believed him. Such was the power of the Shaper’s harp! Stood wriggling my face, letting tears down my nose, grinding my fists into my streaming
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Unformatted text preview: eyes…”(51). 1b. ACTING UPON IMPULSE RESULTS IN VIOLENCE “ I staggered out into the open and up toward the hall with my burden, groaning out, ‘Mercy! Peace!’…Drunken men rushed me with battle-axes” (51-52). 2. OVEREMOTION RESULTS IN IMPULSIVELY BECOMING VIOLENT“I was filled with sorrow and tenderness I could hardly have found it in my heart to snatch a pig! Thus I fled, ridiculous hairy creature torn apart by poetry – crawling, whimpering, streaming tears, across the world like a two-headed beast, like a mixed-up lamb and kid at the tail of a baffled indifferent ewe – and I gnashed my teeth and clutched my sides of my head as if to heal the split, but I couldn’t” (44). 3. EMOTION TO MISCALCULATED ACTION TO VIOLENCE “My scowl of rage nearly finished him. He hooted, gasped, sobbed, began to choke with laughter. I forgot myself completely. I snatched up an emerald the size of a fist and pulled it back to throw it at him”(60)....
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Cold Evil - eyes…”(51 1b ACTING UPON IMPULSE RESULTS IN...

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