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Writing Vocabulary - abject- spiritless assay (746)-...

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abject - spiritless assay (746)- examination and determination as to characteristics; to assess balm (629)- An aromatic salve or oil blithe (625)- carefree and light-hearted boughs - A tree branch brooking: to put up with; tolerate capacious: spacious carbuncle - a deep, red precious stone celestial - of or relating to the heavens credulous: gullible crest - the peak dame - a woman defer - postpone delusive: false demur - To voice opposition; object disburden: to relieve of a burden discern - to detect or to perceive discerns (765)- to recognize or identify as separate and distinct elocution (748)- the art of effective public speaking eloquence (671)- the quality of forceful or persuasive expressiveness; the art or power of using such discourse or formal conversation enamelled - to give glossy or brilliant surface to endued - endowed
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enfeebled - to make weak environs (636)- encircle or surround fawning - to attempt to attract feigned - pretended fennel - A Eurasian plant having aromatic seeds used as flavoring
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Writing Vocabulary - abject- spiritless assay (746)-...

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