Test 1 notes - Prehistoric Art (25,000 BC 1500 BC)...

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Prehistoric Art (25,000 BC – 1500 BC) Paleolithic Era - Lascaux, France (15,000 BC) o “ Black Bull o “Chinese Horse o “Well Scene Only human rendition at Lascaux, found at the bottom of a long well. Depicts a dying man, a mutilated bison, a bird on a stick, and a rhino. - Venus of Willendorf (25,000-20,000 BC, Austria) o “Mobilary Art”, just a few inches tall o Fertility sculpture? - Tactiforms: Unknown figure in painting, often found in prehistoric art Mesolithic Era - Marching Warriors (Spain) - The Stag Hunt (Spain) Neolithic Era - Dolmen Tombs (5,000-4,000 BC) o Post and Lintel construction, shape of a doorway (trilithon) o Northern France, England, Ireland - Stonehenge (2,000 BC, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England) o Trilithons surrounded by bluestones and sarsens o Current version is the 3 rd or 4 th version - Catal Hoyuk : First planned city, buildings built with shared walls (6,000 BC) o Shrine: Decorated with Bucrania (Bull heads) o Landscape: May be the world’s first landscape painting, depicts twin- peaked volcanoes and houses
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Test 1 notes - Prehistoric Art (25,000 BC 1500 BC)...

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