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Test 2 (Early Modern Period)

Test 2 (Early Modern Period) - Test II Early Modern Period...

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Test II DeCiantis Early Modern Period Edmund Spenser       The Fairie Queene Allegorical/Epic Poem Cantos 1-5 o Introduction to Characters o Knowledge of Quest o Symbolism Dragon (Satan) White Lamb, innocence Stanzas: 9 lines, uneven (unusual for  English) o 8 Iambic pentameter/1  hexameter Clear rhyme scheme; regular meter Gloriana=Queen Elizabeth Political symbolism Church symbolism (Post-Reformation) o Protestants/Catholics o Error is Catholic Spenser is protestant  Error is half woman/half serpent o Vomits books/papers Red Cross Knight is St. George Anti-Stratfordian Movement Disputes authorship of Shakespeare Stratford-Shakespeare’s birth (1564) Anne Hathaway – Wife Tragic History of Dr. Faustus Christopher Marlowe Faust- 24 Years for his soul Characters: o Comic-lower class, imitative o Pope, Bruno, Attendants o Emperor o Scholar Friends Fust at the top of his game, decides to 
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