Naturalism, Modernism

Naturalism, Modernism - Willard Fall 2007 Naturalism,...

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Unformatted text preview: Willard Fall 2007 Naturalism, Modernism Naturalism: The literary expression of the philosophy of determinism Determinism: the belief that the lives of human beings are shaped or determined by forces beyond their control, especially heredity and environment Who played a role in determinism Charles Darwin: Origin of Species (1859)- biological determinism- Natural selection, survival of the fittest, evolution (gradual change) Sigmund Freud: psychological determinism- Subconscious mind- Motivated by subconscious, repressed Karl Marx : social or economic determinism- Communism- Class struggles; eliminate and share Naturalistic writers: Stephen Crane, Jack London, Theodore Dreiser, and Frank Norris Stephen Crane : Red Badge of Courage ; Maggie, Girl of the streets- Was a journalist at beginning of career; he wrote about people in indigent areas- The Open Boat o Actual experience on assignment to Cuba, boat sank o About his survival/fictionalized o Real boat: Commodore o Characters: Cook, Captain, Oiler, Correspondent o All but Oiler survive o Nature doesnt regard life o Irony: subtle brotherhood, become a band of brothers- He died at 28 because of Tuberculosis- Son of a Methodist Minister o Came to reject those teachings- Jack London:...
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Naturalism, Modernism - Willard Fall 2007 Naturalism,...

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