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Hmwk5 - State ZIP Phone Fax Email SALE_ITEM(SaleItemID...

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PERSON(PersonID , IDEmployee, IDCustomer, LastName, FIrstName, Address, City, State, ZIP, Phone,Email) CUSTOMER(CreditCardType, CreditCardNumber, CreditCardExpirationDate) SALE(SaleID , SaleDate,SubTotal, Tax, Total) EMPLOYEE(DateOfHire, HourlyPayRate) VENDOR(VendorID , CompanyName,ContactLastName, ContactFirstName, Address, City,
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Unformatted text preview: State, ZIP, Phone, Fax, Email) SALE_ITEM(SaleItemID , ItemPrice) ORDER(InvoiceNumber , DateOrdered, DateReceived, QuantityOrdered, ItemCost, OrderSubTotal, OrderTax, OrderTotalCost) ITEM(ItemID , ItemDescription, PurchaseDate, ItemCost, ItemPrice)...
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