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HON 191 | Katie Sheridan | Vista Entry 1 Dalton’s criticism of Alger’s text seemed to be a biased approach to the class issues in America, and part of me would like to respond solely to that aspect of the reading, yet there was a more predominant question, or perhaps aspect, that came to mind. Regardless of economic status, I believe that an individual’s personality rendered both genetically and via environmental influence, plays a heavy role in whether or not they are able to obtain “upward mobility.” The first correlation to this idea that comes to mind is the difference between introverts and extraverts. Introverts tend to be more content with life, not taking risks, and “making due” with what they have been given in life. On the contrary, extraverts have within their person a desire for adventure – described by my Psychology teacher as a longing to fill a need for a natural high.
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Unformatted text preview: Excess stimulation for an introvert would cause them to draw backwards, but for an extravert, they would be drawn to it. I think in terms of finding motivation to pursue self-betterment, personality type plays an important role. I don’t agree with the idea that some do not have the ability to “get out of the ghetto” or whatever other terminology could be applied to this situation. Situation may affect the difficulty to reach a certain place in life, but the only true hindrance is one’s self, for nobody else can make the decision to take the first step, or if assistance is offered, the second step, toward a new and better life. Ultimately it is us as individuals who must commit to the dream of economic prosperity. (The Pursuit of Happyness is an excellent example of this)....
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