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HON 191 | Katie Sheridan | Vista Entry 2 I find it very interesting how despite only Walter’s obsession with it, money is the focal point for much of the conversation in the first portion of the play. The great divergence in the individual dreams of the family members, and what is needed to accomplish their dreams, provides some insight into the American Dream. Mama’s desire to see her children achieve their dreams is reflected in Ruth. This is a typical dream for parents, especially mothers. I believe that Beneatha’s dream is perhaps the most unique of all, especially since it has two portions. Her desire to help heal others conflicts with her passion to know her roots. I find it interesting how the two men in her life each represent one of those paths, and even more so that her family
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Unformatted text preview: supports one more than the other. I think the purpose to the novel, however, is to convey Walter’s dream, as at the time of production, monetary gain was a great goal of many. Historically speaking, I feel the novel portrays an exaggeration of reality. I find it difficult to believe that a man is willing to gamble a great sum of money, not truly knowing the outcome, over the alternative of supporting his family lavishly (considering their social standing). Walter’s character really pissed me off after the first…half of the first scene. I laughed several times at the humor portrayed within its confinements, but after that, Walter just seems like the antagonist, allowing money to prevail over family – and I cannot agree with that....
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