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Vista Entry 13 - In places where people are not provided...

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HON 191 | Katie Sheridan | Vista Entry 13 I agree very much with the first article. The United States is a nation of false needs. Furthermore, as a people, we have allowed ourselves to be defined by our possessions. Anymore, we tend to choose a spouse based on their status, not on their heart. In countries such as India, the tradition of arranged marriages remains intact. Here in the Western World, specifically in the US, so much emphasis is made on materialistic qualities in the other person. Not only do we tend to allow things to make the decision of who we want to spend our life with, but we also let them define who we are. Granted we tend to gravitate toward items and luxuries that define at least some part of which we are, only so much can be said about a person by the car they drive or the furniture in their living room. Everyone has a style that they adhere to, but it really does not say much about who we are beyond our personality type; one-word definitions of our person.
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Unformatted text preview: In places where people are not provided with the luxury of being able to choose their car, or own a car; where they live day-to-day and do not worry about tomorrow until tomorrow, there must be a higher level of personal independence, a higher sense of the genuine individual. I must admit that I am in part jealous of individuals who grow up where commercial and materialistic ideals do not restrict their individuality as nearly as much as it seems to in the United States. However, I believe that every individual holds the power to push past all of the media mumbo-jumbo. To fall into its trap is a decision each person makes. To cease from allowing materialistic ideals to dominate over one’s life is a choice . So really yes – advertising and the media have affected society. But the individual has the power to not allow themself to succumb to deceitful commerm....
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