Vista Entry 3

Vista Entry 3 - let one individual use all of the money...

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HON 191 | Katie Sheridan | Vista Entry 3 Boy does Walter take one heck of a gamble! Despite plausible reasoning for his actions, he still managed to rip from beneath his family nearly all hope of coming face-to-face with their dreams. The fact that he calls Lindner after losing the $6500 intending to gain profit on from selling the house bought to fulfill his mother’s dream suggests that Walter truly believes money equals happiness. Fortunately the women of the household are able to pull in the reigns and seemingly guilt him into acting otherwise, exemplifying the matriarch control over the household. The one dream that is met is Mama’s dream to provide a better-than-average roof over her family. The resolution of Mama seeing her dream come true while the others have yet to experience theirs brings forward the reality that the money truly was Mama’s money, and it was her wisdom that bought that house and did not just
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Unformatted text preview: let one individual use all of the money. Instead, ultimately all were provided for in some way or another. In the least, they all progressed a step up the societal ladder. Furthermore, I think that the loss of a dream at the hands of the family members brings forth the reality that everything is not going to fall in place instantaneously. Trying to accomplish too much at once and skipping steps along the way weakens the ultimate result. Perhaps the strongest depiction of this is Mama’s act of taking her pathetic plant to the new house. That plant is a reminder of all she has struggled through to get to the point in her life – that no matter how toilsome a dream may be, persistence and patience along the road – through every step – pays off ten-fold in the end....
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Vista Entry 3 - let one individual use all of the money...

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