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HON 191 | Katie Sheridan | Vista Entry 4 “Selling the mirror in your soul.” This phrase is in many ways representative of what the American Dream has become. Lester’s grandmother seems to be a very wise lady, as reflected in her determination not to assimilate and become a part of Linden Hills as it developed into a wealthy neighborhood. I think it is very true that in the pursuit of “bigger and better things” oftentimes we, Americans in general, lose track of whom we are and where we find our roots. Despite his mother’s and sister’s determination to make Lester like them, he holds strong to the words his grandmother told him – to never lose track of what is within. Too many people go against this principle and get lost in a materialistic life. There is definitely a lesson to be learned here – much like the one that was learned by the Walter’s family in
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Unformatted text preview: A Raisin in the Sun . Happiness must come from within, not from affluence. I think the scenario the book provides is very representative of the American ideal to be prosperous and move up in life. It is interesting how Naylor represents the different streets as levels of society, and I believe that Winstons jump to Tupelo Drive represents lottery winners and the like. Naylors portrayal of class within a highly confined area is like a concentrated, unrealistic representation of class structure in the United States. I believe it is the impractical aspect of the neighborhood that provides such a great impact on the reader. It will be interesting to see where she takes the corruption of the upper class and Winstons faade as well as the further progressions or regressions of individuals within the society of Linden Hills....
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