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Vista Entry 5 - There is however a contradictory aspect of...

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HON 191 | Katie Sheridan | Vista Entry 5 Where is Naylor taking this story? It seems more and more like she’s just opening up new storylines – too many to seem possible to figure out. It feels like she’s almost mocking the blacks in Linden Hills as she almost personifies them as racists. They question whether or not they should join together for a common cause with their “KKK” neighbors – to prevent the ghetto from moving in on them. This action royally ticks me off. The characters are gradually losing their pride in where they come from and that is something I cannot respect. Questioning their own race, suspecting them of being no-good vandals – what kind of crap is that? Judgment. They’re judging others like them – more of the point, like their great-great- grandparents (where they came from) – and treating them all like scum. Stereotypicalizing those from Putney Wayne.
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Unformatted text preview: There is however a contradictory aspect of this, and it makes me wonder about what the community is intended to represent. The reverend’s sermon, and the woman who sings with him, brings simplicity and “real religion” back into the lives of those from Linden Hills. Not only is the religious burial out of the ordinary, since Luther usually just holds them at the morgue, but the strong dose of a Southern Baptist service certainly shocks many of the community. In my opinion, the community of Linden Hills is being represented as sin – continually being corrupted by wealth and whatnot, and it is Willie’s conversation with the Reverend that pushes the holy man to lay down The Law . For once there’s some decent confrontation in the novel – and arguably a side to take. Thank God (no pun intended)....
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Vista Entry 5 - There is however a contradictory aspect of...

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