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Vista Entry 6 - trying to redeem herself through...

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HON 191 | Katie Sheridan | Vista Entry 7 Finally some action! The last third of this novel actually had some stimulating events. In all seriousness, though, I do have one complaint. I don’t quite understand the purpose of creating an elaborate back-story for Laurel. Sure, her suicide is an important event in the novel, but why waste nearly an entire chapter on her childhood? The emphasis on home could have been made shorter. I find the contrasts provided between Luther and Willa in this section quite interesting. Again Luther is compared to Lucifer with Willie’s 666 th poem about him. The fact that Willie struggles with encompassing an idea for this poem suggests that the very depth of Luther’s persona is a result of what may seem like an eternity of conditioning. Willa on the other hand does not necessarily personify heaven, but her actions at the end hint toward redemption. She knows that she is dying, and yet she musters up enough strength to be able to clean the house. This may be seen as a symbol of the purification of herself,
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Unformatted text preview: trying to redeem herself through last-minute acts. It is interesting, then, to note that the three bodies join as one (possibly representing the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?), bet burn up in flames which are often a symbol of hell. This only adds to the layers of contextual confusion within the novel. Lastly, the ending bothered me. It didn’t feel satisfied. The ending leaves open loose ends. It seems like the only conclusion is implying that “you get what’s coming to you” and this is only seen through the death of Luther’s family. I’m thirsty for more facts, for the outcomes of the other characters in the novel, especially Willie and Lester. Does Willie really ever move on to Tupelo Drive? Does Lester reevaluate his outtake on life? What happens to the community now that the Nedeed legacy is no more? Unanswered questions that are left merely for speculation; it’s too bad Naylor cut off her story where she did....
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