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HON 191 | Katie Sheridan | Vista Entry 12 I was checking my email yesterday, and I have this subscription to a t-shirt site that sends me emails with specials and whatnot. There’s a t-shirt that says “Advertising Helps Me Decide,” and unfortunately, I think that is very true today. The consumer society has, well, consumed our society. And really, it stretches beyond the United States to countries all over the world. The appeal of name- brand icons, and the assumed social status that comes with owning name-brand articles has become more and more predominant today. Unfortunately it seems to have come in lieu of individual development – sort of like the lady in the film who spoke about individuals and families making society, not the society making individuals. I think so much emphasis has been made as of late (well, the last century) on owning the fancy car and wearing expensive shoes that our desires as people have shifted. It is not entirely at our own fault that our dreams and
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This note was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course HON 191 taught by Professor Sheridan,katie during the Spring '08 term at N. Arizona.

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