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Chapter 1 Book Notes - Psychology 227 Intro to Personality...

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Psychology 227 Intro to Personality Chapter 1 – What is Personality Psychology? Describing someone’s personality means trying to portray the essence of who the person is Reflected partly in what people do and say but is also a matter of how they do what they do Defining Personality We are all part-time psychologists as we are always trying to understand what other people are like Personality psychologists view personality as an abstraction; personality is something of an elusive concept Defining Personality: Why Use Personality as a Concept? Reason 1 – the word personality is often used to convey a sense of consistency or continuity about a person; there is consistency across time and consistency across similar situations Reason 2 – to convey the sense that whatever the person is doing originates from within Both of these reasons come together when trying to predict and understand people’s behavior Reason 3 – it often conveys the sense that a few qualities can summarize what a person is like because they’re so prominent in that person’s behavior Personality conveys a sense of consistency, internal causality, and distinctiveness Defining Personality: A Working Definition Allport: personality – a dynamic organization, inside the person, of psychophysical systems that create the person’s
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Chapter 1 Book Notes - Psychology 227 Intro to Personality...

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