Chapter 2 Book Notes

Chapter 2 Book Notes - Psychology 227 Intro to Personality...

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Psychology 227 Intro to Personality Chapter 2 – Methods in the Study of Personality Gathering Information: Sources: Observe Yourself and Observe Others An easy way to gather information about personality is to look inward to personal experience ( introspection ) The downside to introspection is that personal relationship to certain events may be a cause for biases When observing another person, there can be the problem with not being able to completely understand their experiences Gathering Information: Seeking Depth: Case Studies Henry Murray – personology – the study of the whole person, as opposed to studying only one aspect of the person Case study – an in-depth study of one individual Case studies are rich in detail & can offer important insights; also avoid “lab setting” – subjects “tested” in natural environment Many case studies are also clinical studies – studies of people with problems Several theories of personality arose largely from case study observations in the context of therapy Case studies are not currently the main source of info about personality Gathering Information: Seeking Generality: Studies of Many People Generality ( Generalizability ) – the degree to which a conclusion applies to many people To ensure generality, researchers should study people of many ages and from all cultures, etc
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Chapter 2 Book Notes - Psychology 227 Intro to Personality...

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