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IAU | INTERNSHIP COURSE - INTERNSHIP EDUCATION AGREEMENT DESCRIPTION: International American University offers eligible students the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship first- hand through an eight-week internship at an approved site. This program approves internship sites that allow the student to apply classroom knowledge and activities to the actual experience of incubating a business. Supervised by a professor, internship duties may include anything pertaining to the development and field of business. INTERNSHIP: It is agreed that the business/agency will extend an opportunity to actually experience the areas of their operations as stated to this participating student. International American University agrees to award internship credit to the above named student upon satisfactory completion of the work experience and required reports. The Internship advisor will determine the grade based on the assignments submitted which correspond to the work experience. If an F-1 student enrolls in the internship course and receives credit for the course, the internship is deemed as Curricular Practical Training (CPT). If the
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