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CS201 In Class Client For Circle

CS201 In Class Client For Circle - object has been randomly...

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Now that you have created your circle class, write a small main program that does the following: 1. Instantiate two circle objects called Ring and Hoop . Give the Hoop object the initial values of ( 4 for x,-5 for y, 3 for radius) during instantiation. 2. Have the user enter the coordinates and radius for the Ring object. (hint: use your interface to store these values in your object.) 3. Assume that your Ring
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Unformatted text preview: object has been randomly moved by the statement below. Write the code to determine and display which quadrant the Ring object is located in. Have you code take into account that Ring may not be in any quadrant. Ring.Move( rand() % 10 , rand() % 10); Example Output: Ring is in quadrant #2 with coordinates [-2,4] Example Output: Ring is not in any quadrant with coordinates [0 , 0] Q2 Q1 Q3 Q4...
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