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Glass menagerie ideas -What the fire escape means, how it is a vital part of play -What it means to each character -How each meaning affects other characters -In denial, wounded, upset family -Connection to father -Relationships with one another -Laura’s male caller -Tom always being blamed -Tom being pushed to his point -Fire escape the place for peace and escape from reality -All connected to fire escape, everything comes back to it In the glass Menagerie, Williams uses the only place outside of the apartment as a symbol, the fire escape. Each character has their own relationship with the fire escape. Primarily, Tom is the character that has the biggest relationship with it. Tom is the person with the most issues in the play, work, bills, taking care of both his mother and sister, he never gets credit for what he does. Instead of being credited and thanked, he gets blamed for the mistakes and errors that occur in the apartment. It seems as if every situation redirects back to him. With all the pressure Tom gets, he every day thinks of what to do in the
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