CS217NOTES2008-0109 - 2. Mano, Chapter 3, "Data

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NOTES FOR CS 217 (WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 09, 2008) AND BEYOND attendance questions ? extra handouts from class are on my office door (Hayes Hall 235) units of storage: 1. smallest unit of storage ? 2. smallest unit of addressable storage ? relational (comparison) operators: -- "largest" and "smallest" numbers that can be stored -- "greater than" and "less than" -- B.C. cartoon continue giving out and going over (briefly) the following colored handouts: 1. blue handout: -- "C++ system-defined (pre-defined) data types (on bgunix)" 2. green handout: -- "C++ Operators" -- "C++ Operator Precedence" -- give particular attention to: a. Logical Operators: logical AND || logical OR ! logical NOT b. Bitwise Operators: bitwise AND | bitwise OR ^ bitwise XOR ~ bitwise NOT 3. yellow handout: -- "ASCII Character Set" -- "EBCDIC Character Set" 4. purple handout: -- "The ASCII Codes" 5. pink handout: -- ASCIIchars.cpp should be reading: 1. Mano, "Preface" -- pages xv-xviii (up to the paragraph on "Chapter 7")
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Mano, Chapter 3, "Data Representation"--Section 3-1, "Data Types" (pages 67-74)--Section 3-2, "Complements" (pages 74-77) (continued next page) initial topics in the course: 1. Logical Operators (from CS 201)--used in compound conditions (compound boolean expressions) 2. Bitwise Operators (from CS 201 ?)--examples! 3. data forms : a. ASCII character (ANSI character) b. binary integer 4. data representation (data notations ): a. binary (Base 2) b. octal (Base 8) c. decimal (Base 10) d. hexadecimal (Base 16) Thursday (January 10, 2008 = 01/10/2008 = 0110) what is the meaning/significance of the following?--011010--011011--011100--011101--011110--011111 two calculators why am I going over the bitwise operators &, |, ^, and ~ ?--see (2.) above--show what this is leading into (Mano textbook, page 5)...
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CS217NOTES2008-0109 - 2. Mano, Chapter 3, "Data

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