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CS202 syllabusspring2008 - CS 202 Spring 2008 Objects and...

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CS 202 - Spring 2008 Objects and Data Abstraction Classroom 117 Hayes Hall Class time MWF Prerequisite CS 201 grade C or better Required Textbook Gaddis, Walters and Muganda “Starting Out with C++” Fifth Edition Instructor Ron Conway Office 224 Hayes Hall (Phone: 372-8777) Office Hours Regular hours : MWF (1:30p– 2:30p) , MWF (4:30p– 5:00p) , or by appointment only: MWF (9:00a – 9:30a), (5:00p – 5:30p), T (12-1pm) Websites http://www.cs.bgsu.edu/rconway Email [email protected] Dept Office 221 Hayes Hall (Phone: 372-2337) Course Description: The advanced programming concepts encompass the basic constructs common to almost all programming languages, problem solving techniques and analytical thinking. This course teaches the basics of object-oriented programming in C++ including the essential concepts of objects and classes, pointers, inheritance, and more advanced topics. This course will require considerable effort in problem analysis and design, coding, testing and debugging C++ programs. Learning Outcomes: After successfully completing CS202 a student should be able to: Understand pointers conceptually and be able to create C++ classes using pointers. Understand inheritance conceptually and be able to create C++ classes using inheritance. Understand Sorting and Searching algorithms and be able to apply them in C++ programs. Understand operator overloading and be able to use classes which have overloaded operators. Be able to compare composition/inheritance and evaluate which method is preferable in constructing a given class or system of classes.
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Grading Policy: The final grades are assigned based on student performance on assignments and exams, and are not negotiable . Specifically, you will be evaluated on the following: Exams 200 Quizzes 75 Programs 125* Classwork/Homework 50* Final 100 Total: 550 points Exams : There will be two exams worth 100 points each. All exams are in-class and closed-book. Quizzes : There will be 4 quizzes worth 25 points each. Quizzes will emphasize recent material covered since the previous quiz or exam. The lowest quiz will be dropped. No makeup quizzes will be given. Programs : There will be 4-6 programming assignments worth approximately 125 points*. Homework/Classwork : 4-7 homework/Classwork assignments worth approximately 50 points*. These will involve working on selected problems in the textbook or from the instructor. Homework/Classwork assignments may originate from in class labs or exercises and will not be accepted late. No makeup work will be given.
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CS202 syllabusspring2008 - CS 202 Spring 2008 Objects and...

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