Wine pairing - o Keep a journal of all food and wine that...

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- Wine pairing - Wine Pairing Rules o Taste is affected by time of day o The length and timing of a meal effects how u perceive flavors o Palate length o Trends o Time to breathe a robust red or allow beef wellington to rest - Referred tasting sequesnce o Dry before seet o White before red o Young Before old o Light Before Full o Modest before great o Table Before fortified - Aim for balance and harmony o Integration that enhance the intensity of the flavor or length of palate of both the food and the wine o Avoid wine that overpowers food or vice versa o Have a basic understanding of the flavors of the chosen food and wine separately - What to avoid when in excess o Vinegar o Pickles o Mustards
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o Salad dressings o Citrus Fruits o Soup o Dessert o Fresh Fruit o Eggs - The Rule of the wine o Complimentary o Contrast o Palate Cleansing o Digestion o Synergism o Cooling Medium o Marinade - Strategies for Success o Take notice of all food and wine combinations that you try
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Unformatted text preview: o Keep a journal of all food and wine that you try o Contine to practice your tasting skills o Experience that which has worked for others o Subscribe to food and wine periodicals o Join or form a food and wine club o Talk to experienced tasters o Its is often easier to create a dish to suit a wine rather than the other way around o Continue to take these classes o Revisit combinations that have worked for you-Food and wine paring is 99% preference and 1% science-Writing a wine list Look a the competition that attract clientelle (Target Market) as well as the ones above tand below the o 31 Red/ 23 Whites/6 Sparklings (more or less) o 60% $30-$40 o 20% higher o 20% lower-12 cases @ $100 per case = 1200-36 cases @ $150 per case = 5400-12 cases @ 300 per case = 3600 • Total $10,200-Riesling o...
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Wine pairing - o Keep a journal of all food and wine that...

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