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Cajun Quiz Paper - Louisiana they say that the Lobster...

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Vincent Forchelli The Importance of Crawfish The Importance of Crawfish goes back to before even the days of Cajun and Creole cuisine. It goes all the way back to Nova Scotia, Canada where in Acadia, French settlement was situated. The British came along and kicked out the French and the French relocated to Louisiana. In Nova Scotia, Canada, they say that Lobster was plentiful and was praised by the Local Acadians as a key source of food and nutrients. Similar in America to “Wonder Bread” Lobster were to Acadians. And of course its buttery texture we know today is something to be remembered and awed. When the French relocated to
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Unformatted text preview: Louisiana, they say that the Lobster followed them, and along the way, the hard journey between starvation and the harsh ocean shrank the lobster, and when the Cajuns arrived in Louisiana, they looked upon the small lobster and called it a crawfish. They say that the crawfish choose the Acadians because they truly appreciated the Lobsters of Nova Scotia. In many ways the crawfish is a symbol of the life they had in Acadia, a way of remembering the Lobster Utopia they had in Nova Scotia. The Crawfish also represents the hardship that the Acadians suffered on their way to Louisiana and besides that they just taste great too....
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