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Relais & Chateaux is an International Hospitality company committed to excellence in the Hospitality industry on all grounds, food, comfort and the overall experience. This Private company is while not distinctively responsible, helps to the success of Restaurants and Hotels in the hospitality field committed to the finest dining, and luxury experience. On top of that, Relais & Chateaux is one of a few selective companies that are a part of the “5 star alliance”, and international Luxury Booking organization, which exemplifies exquisite hotels restaurants and other treasures around the world. With More than 1,000 restaurants in over 20 countries, this company’s stamp of approval is proof enough to its patrons and clientele that nothing will be overlooked when one stays or dines in either of their hotels or Restaurants. Their miss in is "to further the cultural and economic stature of our unique hotels and restaurants throughout the world by collectively promoting our members while recognizing their diversity, spirit and heritage". With this said, Relais & Chateaux is basically the “Hidden Gem” of the Hospitality world. Clearly, Relais & Chateaux is a very interesting company and it’s comprised of many high ranking chefs and owners that have dedicated there restaurants and hotels to excellence. The history of Relais & Chateaux comes from a very old French High society tradition of traveling to old world parts of France and Europe, to eat stay and enjoy themselves while getting away from the business of the work week and to completely unwind for the next coming week. This sometimes is done by big companies in France for company retreats, to allow their employees to unwind. Today, this is very popular among Japanese Business men. Often times would lead to staying at an old lodge, which in French is “Relais” or castle, “chateaux” thus the name. These lodges and castles often have very exquisite dining facilities to match the décor of the region and establishment, and hence Relais & Chateaux was born. Shortly thereafter, Relais & Chateaux created a special district of their Hospitality excellence company
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specifically dedicated to another High French Society practice, “Haute Cuisine” or “Nouvelle Cuisine” or in English, Fine dining. This District was Titled Relais Gormonde, for the “Gourmet” aspect of the hospitality field. www.relaischateaux.com ) represents the highest benchmark in hotel accommodations and fine dining, with a select group of privately owned hotels and restaurants worldwide. The association refers to its members (Hotels and Restaurants) as disciples of simplicity, repeating simple gestures and drawing on individual secrets to enrich guests' lives during their stay. Relais and chateaux while Concerned on both the quality of the Hotels and restaurants. A specific department of Relais & Chateaux, Relais Gormonde, Has been given the eternal responsibility to ranking, rating, and analyzing the quality
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16 PG PAPER - Relais & Chateaux is an International...

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