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World Civ Lecture Study Guide

World Civ Lecture Study Guide - Lecture Study Guide 1...

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Lecture Study Guide 1. Fredrick Douglas : lived most of his life in Rochester. Gained his freedom by sewing a naval uniform together and using someone’s sailing papers to get to Philly. 2. Underground Railroad : “If it’s underground, it’s not part of the underground railroad” 3. Andrew Jackson : Charismatic individual known for 3 things: his part in battle of New Orleans // consolidated power of presidency in terms of decision making power // constantly fighting congress. 4. Slavery and NY : The last slave was freed in 1851 which was 10 years before the civil war. 5. Barbara Tedlock : Wrote the book Time in the Highland Maya . Demonstrated that the Maya kept more of their dialects and culture than the indigenous people in the lowlands 6. Emiliano Zapata : The only real leader of the Mexican 1910 revolution. Was fighting for equality and the representation of campasinos. 7. Zapatista : The movement is named after Emiliano Zapata. Began in San Cristopol Airport with 3 cliffs. 8. NON-VIOLENCE in India and the United States : worked in India because there was an oppressed majority, but in USA there was an oppressed minority and therefore it was not as likely to work. 9. Women’s Rights Convention : Held in Seneca Falls 10. British in WWI : first hostile action was cutting the underwater communication cables 11. Golden Lotus : Foot binding in China 12. Lewis Henry Morgan : developed a classification based on levels of society. At the bottom there is savagery, in the middle is barbarism, and at the top is civilization based on the Rochester model. The American Beaver and its Works 13. Queen Victoria
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