World Civ Worksheet Chapters 32-34

World Civ Worksheet Chapters 32-34 - 1 What were the proxy...

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NAME ___________________________ World Civilizations Chapters 32-34 Chapter 33 1. Who coined the phrase iron curtain? 2. What defined the cold war? 3. What is the North Atlantic Treaty organization or NATO? 4. Why was the World Bank created? 5. What did the Marshall plan do? 6. What indication was there that the European Economic Community was a success? 7. What was the European Economic Community renamed? 8. Which countries did the Truman Doctrine offer military aid to? 9. What is the Soviet counterpart to NATO? 10. Who supported North Korea during the Korean War? 11. Why did the United States try to contain the Korean War to the Korean Peninsula? 1
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12. How did the Vietnam War end? 13. How was the Cuban Missile Crisis sparked? 14. When were the Helsinki Accords finalized? 15. What were the results of the Helsinki Accords (3)? 16. How was China deeply involved in the Cold War? 17. What did the environmental consciousness of the 1970’s lead to? Chapter 33
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Unformatted text preview: 1. What were the proxy wars? 2. Salvador Allende was president of…. 3. What did Allende’s sot reforms hope to do? 4. What was the Dirty War? 5. Who did the Sandistas overthrow? 6. Who was Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini? And what did Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini do? 2 7. Which countries were members of the Asian Tigers? 8. What characteristics did newly industrialized economies share? 9. What did Deng Xiaoping do for China? 10. What was the reaction of the Chinese government to the protests in the Tiananmen Square? 11. What was the name of Gorbachev’s policy of restructuring the USSR? 12. What was Solidarity? 13. What are some plausible causes that led to the Persian Gulf War? 14. What did the fall of the Berlin wall symbolize? Chapter 34 1. What is globalization? 2. Define ethnic Cleansing? 3. What is the perceived goal of terrorism? 4. What is cultural imperialism? And how is it spread? 3...
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World Civ Worksheet Chapters 32-34 - 1 What were the proxy...

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