World Civ Worsheet Chapter 29-31

World Civ Worsheet Chapter 29-31 - 10. How was Moa Zedongs...

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NAME ___________________________ World Civilizations Chapters 29-31 Chapter 29 1) What was the Ottoman Empire referred to as? 2) What did nationalism justify? 3) What was the goal behind the Zionist movement? 4) What group was Lenin the leader of? 5) What was the purpose of the League of Nations? 6) What elements of the Treaty of Versailles angered Germany? 7) What did Lenin’s New Economic Policy of 1921 allow for? 8) Who took control of the Soviet Union when Lenin died? Chapter 30 1. What was Joseph Stalin’s goal? 2. What did Stalin’s First Five Year plan set out to do? 3. How did the Soviet Union pay for the First Five Year Plan? 1
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4. What was the reaction of well to do peasants to the idea of collectivization? 5. How many of these well off peasants were arrested? 6. How did the Nazis takeover of Germany affect Stalin’s Second Five Year Plan? 7. What was the result of the stock market crash in 1929? 8. What were some of the measures that Mussolini took to gain power? 9. What was Hitler’s goal for Germany?
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Unformatted text preview: 10. How was Moa Zedongs variety of communism different from that of Marx? 11. What were some of Moa Zedongs policies toward women? 12. What was it called when Moa escaped from Guomindang to Shannxi? 13. How many people died during WWII? 14. What was the aftermath of the war? Chapter 31 1) Who founded the African National Congress? 2) Why was the All Indian Muslim League formed? 2 3) What was Gandhi known as by his followers? 4) What was so unusual about Gandhis political ideas? 5) How did Gandhi protest British violence and policies? 6) What did Zapata do with the land he took? 7) What did Villa do with the land he took? 8) Why did the Constitutionalists gain control of Mexico? 9) What was Vargas policy for industrialization called? And what did it call for? 10) Who helped Juan Peron become elected president? 11) Who did Peron appeal to? 12) What happened when he got into office? 3...
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World Civ Worsheet Chapter 29-31 - 10. How was Moa Zedongs...

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