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SOFT TISSUE TUMOR INCIDENCE APPEARANCE DIAGNOSIS TREATMENT MUCOUS CYST typically occurs at NAIL FOLDS or DIPJ oval, soft, dome-shaped papule or nodule microscopid exam reveals myxoid degeneration with STELLATE fibroblasts 1. local steroid injection 2.recurrence treated with excision most common in middle- aged to elderly cystic central region containing a clear gel-like fluid otherwise the dermis is normal 3. persistent recurence may require DIGITAL ARTHROPLASTY most common soft tissue mass found in foot and ankle well circumscribed, soft, fluid filled mass often established clinically by soft cystic consistency of the mass based on symptoms GANGLION CYST frequently movable in the subcutaneous tissue transilluminates total excision with repair of the capsule or tendon defect often on dorsum of foot aspiration can be performed frequently originates from extensor tendons or joint capsule ADVENTITIOUS BURSA occurs at sites of bony prominences from constant irritation swelling, erythema, and pain
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