Classnotes Days 3 and 4

Classnotes Days 3 and 4 - COM 200 Communication Theory Prof...

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COM 200 Communication Theory Prof. Steven Lemley Spring 2008 1/14/08 Class Notes - The Seven Traditions (with outline handout) o Socio-psychological Tradition What constitutes “credibility”? How does it effect persuasion? Behavior changed more if lecturer says “I’m a dentist” than if he said “I brush my teeth” when giving an oral hygiene speech How effective are “fear appeals”? Gave oral hygiene speeches in back-country areas where dental hygene wasn’t a given. o To one group: if you brush your teeth more regular, ppl will like you more o To group 2: If you brush your teeth more, you won’t have to go to the dentist… (then all the bad things about the dentist) o To group 3: showed them gross pictures of gum disease, then saying if you don’t brush your teeth you could die Group 3 initially brushed their teeth the most b/c of the fear appeal, but a few months later it all evened out. o The Cybernetic Tradition Began during the beginning of the telephone system Shannon Bell Tech. guy who breaks it down into parts Weaver Applies work done by Bell labs to interpersonal communications Linear Model of Interpersonal Communication o Message-based o Try to make the message intended by sender as close as possible to message received “fidelity”; how faithful is what is received to what is sent? o The Rhetorical Tradition Flourishes only in a democracy (a system in which an individual or class of individuals can say something which effects the direction of the government) You can see the effects of this in current political campaigns We’ll be looking at 3 rhetorical theories in this tradition o The Semiotic Tradition Meaning; where does it come from? How do we get it?
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I.A Richards talked about “Proper Meaning Superstition”; what does this word mean? Look it up in the dictionary Definitions can’t give meaning, connections to other words and things give meaning. Semantic triangle w/ the dog
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Classnotes Days 3 and 4 - COM 200 Communication Theory Prof...

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