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COM 200 Notes Days 8 and 9

COM 200 Notes Days 8 and 9 - COM 200 Communication Theory...

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COM 200 Communication Theory Prof. Steven Lemley Spring 2008 2/7/08 Relational Dialects—Baxter and Montgomery (Relationship Maintenance) * check out the DVD on this; it’s good? John Stewart; relationship as “Spiritual Child” o Relationships must be created, can’t be “found” o Relationships require constant nurture and care o “Metacommunication” talking about talking; talking about the relationship Relational Complexity o All Relationships are COMPLEX There is no answer/predictability as to why you are attracted to a person as a friend/romance etc, and it is impossible to predict how your relationship is going to go. o Relationships are ever-changing o Opposing tendencies enacted in interaction o Dynamic interplay between unified oppositional contradictions Contradiction is IMPORTANT Tension is required to keep relationship alive, as well as unity Based on Bakhtin’s Marxist perspective o Dialectic Thesis--> antithesis--> synthesis o No synthesis; only centripetal & centrifugal o All human experience Dialectical Forces in relationships: Integration/separation Stability/ change Expression/ nonexpression Internal Dialectics (within relationship) Integration (connectedness) / separateness Stability (certainty)/ change (predictability) Expression/ non-expression External Dialectic (the relationship & the outside world) Inclusion/ seclusion
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