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Globalization has been th

Globalization has been th - 1 Ryan Dance Writing 150 Erica...

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Ryan Dance Writing 150 Erica Plummer Globalization has been thoroughly challenged throughout the history of the world. When change presents itself, the nature of those being imposed on is to fight back and stop the change. In the book Globalization, author Philippe Legrain explains the benefits of globalization through the uses of literary devices such as irony, imagery, and an effective tone to stop the ignorance of those who do not know about globalization. Although some changes have been detrimental to the health of the world, Legrain believes that globalization is an excellent solution to the world’s problems. Through the use of effective rhetoric, Legrain shows his sarcastic, yet solemn approach to globalization as a positive force for good. According to his first paragraph, Legrain uses words such as Mickey Mouse, crass, impose, and ubiquitous. (p. 35). Not only do these words conjure up thoughts of childhood and jokes, they are words that build a sarcastic aura around the author. When the word ubiquitous comes to mind, one can’t but help smiling. Legrain would use words as stated above because he is trying to get passed the walls of defense and the shutting down that occurs when people believe that globalization does not apply to them. The purpose of trying to jump these walls is that the people who don’t understand globalization are Legrain’s main audience. He is trying to convince them that the overall idea of globalization is beneficial to mankind. By using sarcasm, he can break down the barriers, because a little bit of humor never hurt the soul. Instead of being critical and condescending, the author uses his sarcastic view to get to his audience. Although his tone is sarcastic, his solemn voice shows through subtle and 1
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delicate hints. These identifiers are words such as outlier, less desirable, reckoned, and
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Globalization has been th - 1 Ryan Dance Writing 150 Erica...

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