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Ryan Dance Writing 150 Professor Erica Plummer Imagine crossing the threshold of the Hamburger Kingdom, McDonald’s, and you hear the sound of voices. Hearing the customer respond to the cashier, a certain phrase floats above the rest; “Can I get a large drink to go?” What exactly does the word “large” mean? According to Webster, large is “above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent.” Neither giving a clear meaning of size nor qualifying as an accurate description of orientation, the word “large” fails as a decent word of size. According to the growth in American consumption, the small soda cup has grown nearly three times its original size. The original “large” is now the new small of soda cups and the small has turned into the water cup. Large fails to accurately describe what the customer is actually buying. When ordering a large fry, one would expect the largest size of whatever magnitude has been ordered. The restaurants of today have killed the word that should mean one size above
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